2 1/2 Cups Superfine Sugar (See Make Your Own instructions below)
1/2 Cup Lemon Zest
1 Cup Lemon Juice
3/4 Cup Unsalted Butter
7 Large Egg Yolks
4 Large Whole Eggs

You will also need the following items:
4-5 8oz Jars & Lids
Water bath Canner
Double Boiler
Canning funnel, jar lifter, ladle and magnet, measuring cups & spoons

*  The Key to this recipe is to start with grade A Fresh ingredients.  Do not short-cut when possible.

Wash and sanitize your jars.  Start heating water in your water bath canner and set your jars in to keep warm.

Ready your ingredients:
A- Cut chilled unsalted butter into 1" cubes.  Set in refrigerator to keep chilled.
B - Zest fresh lemons with hand zester or micro plane.  Set aside.
C - Remove ends from lemons, quarter and run through juicer.

D - Separate Egg Yolks.  Add yolks and 4 whole eggs into bowl.  Set aside.
E.  If Superfine Sugar is not available.  Run granulated sugar into high speed blender or food processor for 1-2 minutes.  DO NOT USE powder sugar.

Mix Superfine Sugar and Lemon Zest in small bowl. 
 Set aside for about 30 minutes. 

 Heat water in the bottom of double boiler.  In the top pan, whisk eggs.  

Slowly add in sugar/zest mixture.  Slowly add in chilled butter and then lemon juice with spatula or cooking spoon, continuously stirring to prevent sticking or lumping.  Continue to cook until mixture reaches 170 Degrees F.  Use a food thermometer for this stage. 
Remove from heat.  Continue to stir for apx 5 minutes to allow to thicken.  

Strain curd through a mesh strainer and discard zest.  Fill hot jars leaving 1/4" headspace.  Remove air bubbles if needed.  Wipe clean jar rims and adjust heated 2 piece lids onto jars.  Place filled jars into prepared water bath canner and process for 15 minutes.  Remove, place on clean surface and allow to cool overnight before storing.  
Use canned lemon curd within 3 -4 months. Browning and/or separation may occur with longer storage; discard any time these changes are observed. 

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